A speargun designed for Scandinavian waters and built 100% in Helsingør, Denmark.

"Gungnir" is the name of Odin's spear, infallible in it's aim and that can hit dead center with lethal accuracy... this name can't be more appropriate.

All details in this speargun have been designed and selected for maximum reliability and functionality, starting from the barrel designed for "agguato" spearfishing without compromising.

In the water the Gungnir is totally balanced with spears until 7mm thick: this helps a lot when swimming for hours in the shallow waters and always with the speargun in shooting position.


The material for the stock is laminated bamboo and has been chosen for it's unique properties that differenciate it from all other wood essences: minimal or null water absorption even in the untreated wood, extremely high tensile strength almost double of the strength of construction steel, very little variation in density from batch to batch.

Trigger mechanism 

When designing the handle part there where no doubt about the mechanism to use: Sigalsub Smart offer absolute reliabilty under all circumstances and can handle a load of 280 Kg without becoming sensibly haeder in the trigger. The minimal dimensions allow also a higher index position compared to traditional Euro or American mechanisms. It's simplicity make the trigger extremely reliable. The line release can be installed both right or left.


The handle is an original part of the assault rifle Armalite M4 in use by the US Marines Corp: we have found this handle extremely well designed and with the perfect angle for a speargun made for agguato. The handle we have chosen is the G16 variant that has the perfect size to be used with 5mm gloves.

Sternal support

We where not 100% satisfied by the traditional sternal support designs so we have rethink it all... we needed something very comfortable, robust and that would be monolithic with the speargun to avoid all closed spaces where the water can remain. The solution has been to cast a sternal support directly on the stock material using an industrial-grade polymer normally used for machine shock-pads and with very high abrasion resistance. The loading of the Gungnir speargun is firm but also comfortable with an optimally distributed pressure on the sternum.

Spear and rubbers rig

The rig of this speargun is the famous Fusion 1 from Roisub: an evolution of the rolles system that inprove qualities like accuracy and speed of the shot but keep the same loading method and handling of a traditional mono rubber speargun.

The pulleys are original Roisub paets, with high-load bearings with POM cage and glass spheres.

For the spear we have simply chosen the best... Pathos spears in Sandvik stainless steel of high module and hardness.

This rig allow a 75 mono rubber to shoot as or more a 120 double rubber speargun but almost without recoil.

The Gungnir Fusion is extremelly powerful, accurate and easy to handle


Simplicity first of all but without any compromise on the functionality and specifically made for agguato where you sneak between the rocks on the bottom and try to fall on the prey without warning and where you need a good mobilty in all directions. To achieve this the stock geometry has been turned 90 degrees around from the standars Mediterranean design that instead favour the "aspetto" technique and penalize the vertical movement in favour of the horizontal.

Even in conditions of strong current the Gungnir has an exceptional maneuverabilty thanks to the handle grip in line with the section thinner dimension: this allow to move the speargun across the current by handling it like a sword slicing through water using the firm grip hold.

Shooting with it

The shot is extremely smooth and without perceptible vibrations, silent and extremely accurate thanks to the important mass of the stock. The Gungnir offer to the spearo a very natural sensation and ease of use.


The Gungnir is available in stock in 75 and 90 cm lenghts: it is possible to order it in all lengths with a few weeks of delivery time depending on the season.

The reel is not included.

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Gungnir Fusion speargun

  • Model nummer: Gungnir Fusion speargun
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