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Gratis UV-Jagt kursus

Gratis UV-Jagt kursus

A free video-course for all new spearos who are joining our sport!
New sessions will be added when they are made... we are trying to complete it by the beginning of the high-season for spearfishing ;-)
We hope you will enjoy watching it.
If you have any questions, please feel free of to contact us on this website, on our Facebook page or come and ask directly to Lamberto in our shop in Copenhagen.

"This course is based on the experience accumulated by Lamberto Azzi (lives in Helsingør) in more than 35 years, started as a kid catching octopus in Talamone (south of Tuscany), then as owner of a diving center (for spearos and scuba) in northern Sardinia and until the daily spearfishing of the solo-sailing experience lasted 5 years around the Mediterranean sea and Trade-Winds Atlantic with a few months living in the southern Caribbean: This course is tailored for the Danish waters but, in good measure, can fit the conditions you will find all over the world... equipment, physiology of free-diving, basic spearfishing techniques are basically the same no matter where you are fishing."

The Gear

#1 The mask

#2 The Snorkel

- #3 The wetsuit

- #4 Spearfishing fins

- #5 The first speargun

- #6 - Accessories... buoy, knife and stringer

#7 The lead belt, ankle-weights, leads-vest

- #8 Gloves and socks

Dressing up for action

-#9 How to wear a wetsuit

- #10 Wear the gear

- #11 How to wear the fins, mask and snorkel

Basics of spearfishing physiology

-#12 Basics for a safe and happy Apnea

-#13 Compensation of internal pressure (ear drums)

- #14 Emptying and Compensation of the mask

- #15 Avoiding cramps and fatigue

- #16 The spearo's pee

Entering the water

- #17 Enter the water from the beach

- #18 Enter the water from the boat

The first approach to the underwater world

- #19 Swimming with fins

#20 The diving techniques (duck dive)

- #21 1st approach to the marine environment

Let's start hunting

- #22 Spearfishing ethics

- #23 Loading a speargun in the water

- #24 Finding the fish

- #25 Few tips and tricks for your first catch

- #26 Planning your first spearfishing day


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