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Sportube Series II - one week rental

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Sportube Series II - one week rental


Sportube is the best and safest way to bring your gear in holiday with you: spearguns, carbon fins, masks and other gear need some specia attention that not always can be guaranteed in airports... Now you can rent the Sportube II in for one or more weeks so you don't have to buy it for only one trip. Dimensions: Length - extensible from 122-212 cm Width - 280 mm Height - 152 mm Inside you can have all your gear: 2 speargun, fins, mask, snorkel, knife, deflated float, socks/gloves and also a wetsuit (properly rolled). A practical handle and weels make it super easy to carry around from and to the airport. The price is for one week rental: CALL OR EMAIL US TO CHECK AVAILABILITY... especially if you need it during holiday periods!!  

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Manufacturer Nej

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