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StartPack - Spearo 2017 "Full loaded"

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StartPack - Spearo 2017 "Full loaded"


If you want to start spearfishing, we are able to offer you a complete start pack with all the best gear available on th market today. We have selected the equipment most appropriate for the Scandinavian waters to fish all year round and without compromise on performaces. If you need something different that is not in this list or wish to change something, then please send us an email and we will customize a package for you. The wetsuit selected is a custom made wetsuit in 7mm thickness made by Tecnoblu in Italy. For the fins we have chosen the Carbonio GFT Agguato Kraken for the highest thrust with maximum comfort The speargun is the now legendary Pathos/Roisub Demo2... total accuracy and efective distance still unbeaten by any other speargun. All the other components of the startpack are hand-picked as the absolute best for spearfishing in Denmark   The set include: TECNOBLU - 7mm Desert Camo jersey/opencell ROISUB - Pathos Laser Carbon Demo2 RAGNAROK SUB - Bifrost 3600 lumen NeoprenSokker - 5mm Neopren RAGNAROK - Handsker 5+5mm Carbonio GFT Agguato - Kraken edition BEST DIVERS - FLOATING MAXI LINE HOLDER without line BØJEVÆGT 300gr BEST DIVERS - INFLATABLE BOARD OKIPA 3 - 2,5 KGS Orbiloc OUT white. With extra clip! Silikoneslange bøjeline Ø 6-4 mm Kunai knife RAGNAROK SUB - Mask "Verðandi" SORT BLYKLODS 2 KG. MARSEILLESE BELT S.STEEL BUCKLE - BEST DIVERS - BLACK BEST DIVERS - PLASTIFIED WEIGHT "TILE" GR. 1000 - 80X80X15 mm RAGNAROK SUB - Reidar SHAPED NEOPRENE ANKLE WEIGHTS 500 GR (COUPLE) BEST HUNTER - Cyborg Waterproof bag Reel EDY by Sigalsub Ø80

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