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StartPack - Spearo 2016 BASIC

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StartPack - Spearo 2016 BASIC

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2.342,50 kr


If you want to start spearfishing, we are able to offer you a basic start pack with all you need to enjoy this fantastic sport. We have try to select, on the base of our own experience, the equipment most appropriate for the Scandinavian waters to fish all year round. The basic package can be customized to fit your needs and budget. If you need something different that is not in this list or wish to upgrade something, then please send us an email and we will customize a package for you. The wetsuit selected is 7mm thickness. As standard set we include: Wetsuit Ragnarok Sub Niflheim 7mm in NamLiang SuperSoft jersey/opencell Neoprene and black lining. 5mm gloves and socks from Ragnarok Sub Mask Urðr (medium volume mask) from Ragnarok Sub Snorkel Njord with anatomic mouthpiece in silicone

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