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Rubber Pathos TNT Red ( 10 cm length )

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Rubber Pathos TNT Red ( 10 cm length )

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25,00 kr


Speargun rubbers made with the "Anaconda" compound for cold waters.

TNT is a rubber very powerful, very reactive, with extension factor 3.4-3.7, great even in winter and at great depth.

Sold per meter - Available sizes: 14mm / 16mm / 17.5mm

Online Rubbers Calculator

Y Length rubber A: cm.

Y Length rubber B: cm.

Y Length rubber C:. cm.

X wishbone length: cm.

Z Speargun head width: cm.

K Additional rubber length: cm. (Length of rubber after the knot) Suggested: 1.5 cm

H Extension coefficient:  (Minimum 3.0 - Maximum 3.8)

Working rubber length A: cm. Length of rubber to cut  cm.

Working rubber length B: cm. Length of rubber to cut cm.

Working rubber length C: cm. Length of rubber to cut cm.

To calculate the length of the rubbers, you should first of all measure the distance between the hole in the muzzle and the fin/notch/pin where therelative wishbone will be hooked. In the picture is the length "A, B, and C". (Picture. 1).

To know what is the best extension coefficient for your rubbers/spears combination: to start with i would say 3,2 and to grow until 3,5-3,6 based on experimental tests (try to shorten 1,5-2 cm a time until you find the best length)

Some rubbers of small diameter can be stretched more, around 380% but do not exaggerate otherwise the lifetime of the rubber will be reduced drastically, especially in winter.

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Manufacturer PATHOS

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