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Reel EDY by Sigalsub Ø80

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Reel EDY by Sigalsub Ø80


The construction of this reel is in stainless steel AISI 316 for the frame, and in a special plastic material, with a specific gravity much lower than that of water, for the spool machined from solid in three diameters: 60mm, 80mm and 100mm: This arrangement brings the total weight of the reel to only 143 grams (in the version from 80) In terms of innovation of this reel it is very different. Among its peculiarities we find an anticlog system constituted by a wide stainless steel spring which prevents accidental unwinding of the line and a re-entry system of the rewind crank which disappears in an appropriate housing obtained in the spool. The clutch can operate in two different modes: - standard mode in which the reel is always slightly friction-controlled so that you can regulate how much the fish should pull to get line out. - automatic opening mode in which the reel is released to the first tug of the fish. The transition between modes is made simply by removing a washer placed under the clutch knob. The knob is very comfortable to hold and operate even with very thick gloves. The reel base is a flat-flange for mounting it on wooden rifles with two screws (not supplied). It 'also available a specific adapter for all C4 guns.

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Manufacturer SIGALSUB

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