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RAGNAROK SUB - Bifrost 1000

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RAGNAROK SUB - Bifrost 1000 lumen


The flashlight made specifically spearfishingThe Bifrost 1000 divetorch is designed to perform exactly as you need it. It's amasing 1000 lumen of light are concentrated in a beam able to pierce low-visibility waters and still able to offer a wide enough spread to be able to spot the fish immediately.The technology used for it's construction allow to reduce the size to the minimum to make it very easy to handle and to operate with one hand even with thick gloves.The Bifrost 1000 has been made for the rugged use that spearfishing impose to the gear and has rechargeable batteries and 50.000+ hours of LED operation.As standard the torch come with 1 rechargeable Li-Ion battery 26650 - 4000 mAh that give +2 hours of light at maximum power. It is possible to upgrade the standard battery with a high-capacity one of 5200 mAh to achieve ~2,5 hours battery time.The magnetic button switch is extremely easy to use and you can easily increase the battery time of 50% (3 hours light or more depending on output) just by reducing the light a little bit and still having a perfect "fishing output" from the LED.The beam shape is designed for cave hunting but is also excellent for hunting the Brown Trout (Havørred) in the shallow waters along the coast or to explore the bottom from the surface when fishing in deeper waters. The narrow beam is especially suitable for fishing in shallow waters.In daytime is excellent when looking for cod near rocks even in daylight as it's high light-temperature increase the visibility if the fish in those circumstances.Thanks to the stepless button switch this flashlight is very easy to use with one hand only and also with thick gloves. Included in the set: - Bifrost 1000 speafishing torch- 1 battery Li-Ion 26650, 4000 mAh, 3.7V- Charger for the batteries (EU-plug 220V) model Nitecore Intellicharger I1- Manual and care instructions (Download here)Specifications:- 1 XML-2 LED, max output 1200 Lumen (at full battery charge 4,2V)- LED lifetime + 50,000 hours- Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion- Battery capacity: 3.7 V 4000 mAh- Light output duration: @100% power with standard battery= ~2 hours*- Dimmable: stepless 0 to 100%- Submersible: 100 m- Reflector: in aluminium full-body to work also as heat-sink head.* The Li-Ion batteries performance is influenced by temperature. Difference in battery time between summer and winter is normal. The data is only an indication of average battery-time.

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Manufacturer RAGNAROK SUB

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