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UV-Jagt Lygter

UV-Jagt Lygter

How to chose a diving torch... Not always the rule "the more the better" apply to light for spearfishing... In daytime and when cave-fishing a torch of small size and a very narrow beam is the best choice while in darkness or at night, the matter is more complex but in general, in low visibility conditions is better a low-lumen/high-lux beam while in good visibility prefer a high-lumen/medium or high-lux beam. The choice between a wide or narrow beam is very much a matter of preference but as giudeline a narrow beam will have more penetration in the water but will need to be swap more right-left to illuminate the hunting area while a wide beam will be less penetrant but will allow you to see better without moving too much the torch. Difference between LUX and LUMEN... here you have a nice video from WiseLED that explain clearly the matter... enjoy!  

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