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The variables in a speargun configuration are really too many to list all of them here and give you prices: for that you can contact Lamberto at

If you wish to start your own DIY project and build a Fusion_1/Fusion_2/FKD2/Demo2/Demo3 speargun, then here you can find the parts you need:

  • Handle: We suggest only the original Pathos handles, which are the only ones guaranteed to resist the high tension of the new systems... beware of Chinese copies and remember that you are on the receiving side in case of mechanical failure ;-)
  • Barrel: Carbon or Aluminium.
    • A carbon tube 26-30mm will be able to hold a higher load without bending and keep up a heavier spear: we suggest carbon for all systems above Fusion 2.
    • Aluminium is more suitable to rugged use and will give excellent performaces with Fusion 1 and Fusion 2 systems
  • Head: There are 3 options: F1, Christal and TS.
    • The head F1 is designed for Fusion 1 and 2 and is the most copied on the market.
    • The head Christal is equipped with POM/glass bearings and is perfect for FKD2 adn Demo2 systems. For Danish waters we suggest the Christal head, also for a Fusion 1, because you can upgrade it later to FKD2 without replacing it.
    • The Head TS is made for high-loads systems like Demo3 or situations where you need the maximum performance of rolling precision. 
  • Rubbers: We suggest to use EXCLUSIVELY the original RoiSub kit. We have tried many other types of rubbers but the ROI's are made with a specific compound developed in US to achieve the highest possible reactivity... the difference in shot performance and lifetime of the rubbers is really too high to use anything else. It comes in "Pre-assembled kit" and "DIY kit". Depending on your ability with knots you can opt for the DIY version. The kits come with all the necessary and therefore are cheaper than buying rubbers, dyneema line in various sizes, SK99 main-line etc.
  • Sharkfin system: Very practical accessory for easy load of the speargun in Fusion 2 and FKD2/Demo2-3 version... make loading so easy that it is almost as important as the head itself! The second and third rubbers can be hooked with many DIY systems but the RoiSub sharkfin is soooo much easier that there is no comparison...This part is made by CNC machining a block of resin (not simple plastic... it would break!) and therefore is a bit more expensive than it look... but it is absolutely worth it! Under the sharkfin you can fix any traditional reel with screws. The holes pre-drilled are made for Pathos-compatible reels but you can easily fix any flat-base reel.
  • Pins and line-guard: Small accessories to put all together without need for cutting and threading stainless steel... much easier
  • Spears: We suggest the best springsteel spears on the market... Pathos. You can find those hereØR/PATHOS-SPIDS
  • Mobile Blocks: Definitely the Harken 404... the losses in all the others are way too high to be ignored: high-losses=wasted-money.... simple as that.


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