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ROIsub Fusion System, this speargun represent the excellence for hunting in Scandinavian waters.

The multipleconfiguration possibilities and the expertise of the staff of make possible to customize this speargun to fit like a glove the needs, fishing styles and techniques used by each hunter.

The RoiSub Fusion System, is an exclusive version of this gun is able to follow the hunter through all his spearfishing career, from beginner to highly experienced, just applying small changes to the rig and rubber/spear configuration.

The Fusion is a propulsion system for spearguns extremely innovative and simple.

Invented by Roi Davide in February 2012, can be considered the merger and evolution of the characteristics of systems of second generation like roller and invert systems.

The Fusion seeks a balance between the most important qualities of a good speargun: Simplicity, Accuracy, Power, and Mobility.

Everything was born from the intuition to use on the upper part of the speargun a pair of short rubbers which are connected, with a Dyneema line and thin sheaves on the gun's muzzle, to one or more pairs of longer rubbers placed laterally and fixed to the barrel at the side of the handle.

The loading is performed simply by grabbing the shorter rubbers on the muzzle and hooking the wishbone to the spear, just like in a traditional speargun.
Once loaded, the longer rubbers will be totally hidden from the side of the barrel while the shorter rubbers will leave the spear free for more than half of it's length and precisely in the side of the muzzle that is the area more sensitive in the movement of the speargun in the water.

The sheaves work with 2mm SK95 braided Dyneema line and are much thinner and less bulkier than on a roller system that instead must accommodate the rubbers. This will also drastically reduce mechanical losses. 

During the long experimental phase, the TEAM ROISUB has created several prototypes of pulleys without bearings, until the creation of the F1-PRET specially designed with selected materials and shapes, ideal for the pre-tensioned system Roisub FUSION 1, which is particularly efficient.

The Fusion is a system that gives excellent results thanks to the rubber pretensioning. In summary THE FUSION COMES FROM THE RESEARCH OF SIMPLICITY AND EFFECTIVENESS WITHOUT EXTREMES.

A simple idea has led to the industrialization of a simple product: easy to use, easy to load, a simple speargun, with a simple aim, simple to manage and with an almost non-existent recoil: a further step in the path that the roller had already started to draw. Experimentation with the potential of this innovative system has been long and meticulous.

EASY LOADING: The Shark system is a solution that allows you to load the speargun exactly as you load a double rubber, it also makes possible a rapid power reduction by releasing the second pair of rubbers that remains positioned orderly beside the barrel.

WHY IT IMPROVE THE MOBILITY: Almost half of the barrel (the most advanced and therefore most important when moving the speargun in the water) is completely devoid of rubbers. For this the Fusion has an ease of movement incomparable compared to traditional systems.

RECOIL AND ACCURACY: Apart a small portion of rubbers placed over the barrel, the rest of the rubbers all work in reverse relative to the direction of the spear, whereby the movement of the mass that moves (spear and short rubbers) is compensated almost entirely from the fast-moving mass of the rubbers positioned laterally to the barrel. It's so that even when shooting with bent elbow the gun retain it's accuracy.

The speargun is based on D'Angelo1 handle and circular aluminium barrel (no rail). It is available also a version based on D'Angelo2 handle and aluminium barrel with rail in many customization options: if you cannot find in this page what you are looking for, then call us or send an email at

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