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Airbalete Mimetic 3D pneumatic speargun with reel OMER

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Airbalete Black pneumatic speargun (without reel) - OMER

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2.218,23 kr


A revolutionary pneumatic speargun that combines the best traits of power in air guns to the maneuverability and aim advantages of band guns. The handle can be easily removed. Once removed there is access to the dump valve of the gun. The trigger mechanism is designed to offer a sensitive trigger independent of the amount of air pressure preloaded in the barrel. The gun is equipped with a 6.75 mm (17/64”) diameter spring stainless 17-4 ph spear-shaft and a pump. The reel “ONE” 3D is equipped only in the AIRbalete Camu 3D (with 50 meters capability -approx 164 feet- in the 70, 80 and 90 version and with 80 meters capability (approx 260 feet) in the 100 and 110 versions). Optional: STC X-Power Patented vacuum muzzle.

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Manufacturer OMER

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