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Pathos LASER - Open

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Pathos LASER - Open

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  The evolution the Pathos spearguns The Laser series is equipped with the ergonomic handle D’Angelo 2 right handed as standard but also available in universal or left handed. At a first glance is immediate the idea of ​​precision and feeling of total control that the weapon has to offer. It is a gun for the most demanding spearfishers, with trigger mechanism in fully polished steel, for soft release also under high load. Designed for expert spearfishers, this model differs from the Laser standard in the rig that include a 6.75 mm Sandvik spear with shark fins medium and double circular rubber bands 16 mm, making the shot searing and powerful. The head is the Pathos Open for circular bands. The line release is, like in all the pathos spearguns, concealed. The barrel is aluminium 26/28.5 mm with integrated spar rail. The barrel is finished with a special treatment which hardens the surface and makes it rough to the touch, like a shark skin, to decrease turbulence and facilitate the pan   Available sizes: 60cm / 75cm / 82cm / 90cm / 100cm / 110cm / 120cm / 130cm / 140cm  

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Manufacturer PATHOS

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