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PATHOS - Fireblade foot pocket

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PATHOS - foot pocket


Available in size 38/40 - 40/42 - 42/44 - 44/46 - 46/48 - 48/50 in most cases they must be chosen one size larger than Cressi or Omer footpocket. The footpocket fireblade Pathos, is made of three different compounds of vulcanized rubber, offers exceptional comfort combined with an amazing lightness (only 370 gr.) In comparison to any competitor. The lateral tendons are very thin to work well with the blade, making them aquire almost a U form for almost all the length: this way it will avoid too much strain on the leg but at the same time have an excellent boost both in depth and on the surface while swimming. The light weight creates a good effect of relaxation with the shoe worn and not too much muscular stress. The lightweight is not synonymous of weakness, in fact, the rubber compounds used are the best on the market as well as comfort and offer great durability. Carbon blades The carbon blades Pathos are of Greek manufacturing, made with 100% carbon (T700) and cored in the oven under press for days, making it a unique product in terms of performance, which allow excellent curves in water. Quick acceleration from the bottom and an exceptional softness in the surface. Excellent blades in combination with the Pathos footpockets.

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Manufacturer PATHOS

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