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PATHOS - Fireblade Carbon - blades only

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PATHOS - Fireblade Carbon - blades only

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Pris: 2.125,00 kr

Special Price 1.875,00 kr


Blades Pathos Carbon - 100% Carbon!

Soft: Diver weight less than 75kg
Medium: Diver weight from 75kg to 90kg
Hard: Diver weight over 90kg

The pathos blades are made in Greece using carbon fibers Toray T700 in 3K twill: this is the best combination to achieve high module and higher impact resistance.

The manufacturing method is the "hot press" with 72 hours of pressurized post-cure in the oven. This method is able to achieve performances not reacheable byt the standard vacuum infusion methods.

The main advantages are:

- Fast take-off from the bottom
- Extremely soft swimming in the surface
- Slower movement in the water

The blades are designed to work in combination with the pathos footpockets.

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Manufacturer PATHOS

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