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High Stretch gloves - CRESSI

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High Stretch gloves - CRESSI

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209,25 kr


Cressi High Stretch 5-Finger Gloves are made from Single-Lined Soft, High-Stretch Nylon l Neoprene. The Inside of the Glove is covered in Metallite which make them easy to put on. The Anatomical Preformed Shape favors the Natural Position of the Hand, with Semi-Bent Fingers. The entire Outside-Surface of the Glove is covered with a Non-Slip Finish for a Sure-Grip in all Conditions or Situations. They come in 2.5 mm, 3.5 mm and 5 mm Thicknesses, for varying Water Temperature and Diver Application Requirements, these Gloves give an Extraordinarily Sensitive Touch together with Good-Protection from the Cold. The Gloves Seams are Glued-and-Sewn for Strength and Durability. Gloves are Black Patterned in color and are covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

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Manufacturer CRESSI

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