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Gloves CR 5mm - Ragnarok Sub

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Gloves CR 5mm - Ragnarok Sub

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Finally a glove designed with cold-water spearfishing in mind!We have been asked by many friends and for a long time, to make a glove that is warm and at the same time comfortable enough to handle a speargun in winter.This glove is made with 100% CR foam (100% pure neoprene/chloroprene) 5 mm thick to have the best protection without the need for thicker gloves. The material is the same used in our Niflheim wetsuits but in 5 mm thickness instead of 7 mm.Easy to see is the smoothskin wrist part: this glove is meant to be placed under the wetsuit sleeve. The wetsuit sleeve inner foam (if made in opencell or smoothskin material of course) will practically seal the wrist with a rubber/rubber contact and reduce to the minimum (or even eliminate totally) the entry of cold water.The palm is made with our classic hexagonal drop-pattern to achieve a good control but without exaggerating. This glove comes in sizes M, L, XL and XXL.

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Manufacturer RAGNAROK SUB

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