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RAGNAROK SUB - Mask "Verðandi"

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RAGNAROK SUB - Mask "Verðandi"


Small volume mask chosen for it's perfect balance between low internal volume and field of vision. This mask is excellent for fishing in all conditions and in waters over 10m deep. The silicone skirt is extremely soft for the maximum comfort and the strap is wide type so to keep the mask perfectly in place without pressing on the face. This mask is equipped with two special locks that have both pivot-pad and button system so to fit all individual preferences. Treatment and defogging: Before using a mask in important to clean it well from all the substances that are deposited on the glass and on the mask surface during the production process. To quickly remove the silicone oils and demolding agents from the glass we suggest to wash the mask a couple of times in the dishwasher, better if on the upper basket and not too close to the heating elements.

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Manufacturer RAGNAROK SUB

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