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Mystic Silicone Mask SPORASUB

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Mystic Silicone Mask SPORASUB

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257,58 kr


The Mystic Mask is made with just two components - the polycarbonate mask frame and the skirt in silicone, which mechanically hold the lenses, without the use of the usual lens rings. This design limits encumbrances and reduces the inner volume of the mask. The buckles are tightly connected to the mask body making the face free to adapt to the shape of your face. The front panel is molded in the mask body,however the mask can be disassembled in order to replace standard lenses with prescription lenses. Features: 3D printing technology applied on a mask Available in three different patterns: BlackMoon, SeaGreen and Camu3D WEIGHT: 145g VOLUME: 130cmq Specs: WEIGHT: 145g VOLUME: 130cmq

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Manufacturer SPORASUB

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