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Spearfishing masks are caracterized by fairly low volume to reduce comression at higher depths and make easier to blow-out water while on the bottom. We strongly suggest that all masks are tested before purchase as every person has different face proporsions and it is important that the mask is not leaking. To test your mask, wear it on the face without passing the lace behind your head (just turn it in front of the mask or remove it completely), apply a very low pressure toward your face (so that the mask will act like a suction cap), hold your breath without expiring from the nose and then leave the mask without holding it.... if it stay there then it is a good shape for you and is fitting your face perfectly, if instead falls down or loose "grip" then you may consider try some other model. Be aware that if you have mustaches or long beard it will be difficult to find a mask that can fit that way.

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  1. RAGNAROK masken Freyr

    RAGNAROK SUB - Mask "Freyr"

    RAGNAROK SUB - Mask "Freyr" Vis detaljer

    Pris: 299,00 kr

    Special Price 250,00 kr

  2. Predator sæt - maske + snorkel

    Predator set - mask + snorkel

    Predator set - mask + snorkel Vis detaljer
    243,75 kr
  3. Anti fog mask spray - BEST DIVERS

    Anti fog mask spray - BEST DIVERS

    Anti fog mask spray - BEST DIVERS Vis detaljer

    Pris: 85,13 kr

    Special Price 68,10 kr

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