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Airgun LG Sub "Manilu Revolution"

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Airgun LG Sub "Manilu Revolution"

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This speargun is simply the best airgun today on the market... and by far. The Manilú Revolution is made in LG Sub workshop starting from solid material rods machined with 5-axis CNC tools... no molded parts are allowed into this speargun! Only this way, by maintaining the highest standard on tolerances, LG Sub is able to guarantee the absolutely best performances, reliability and overall quality. The speargun Manilu Revolution is delivered complete of vacuum head LG, Sigalsub spear and LGTWIST Reel!! Why it is so special?? Handle block: Anatomic grip made by carving a solid block of white Delrin by CNC, is composed by two parts that can be splitted easily for inspection. The grip has been carved also inside. The front of the grip is ready to receive the exceptional LG reel that comes in the package. Breech: In solid aluminium Anticorodal 6060 (hard-anodized @ 15 micron), has been sloped laterally and backwards to achieve the best possible line of sight. The preload valve on the back of the breech is of extra-short profile and the thread is compatible with traditional pumps or adapters. Mechanical parts: Spartan and efficient... made to last. The mechanism is "reverse" type and allow 35mm extra of piston run that, together with the extra-short piston become 40mm extra. The lock is made in hard steel tempered in LG at 57 HRC. The result is an exceptional sensibility with minimum pressure on the trigger. The line release is lateral to the breech. Trigger: made like precision shooting guns it allow a fine tuning from 65 to 75 mm of interaxis so to fit all hands and especially thick gloves. The trigger it's self is angled right or left to fit the shooter phalange position to achieve maximum comfort and precision. Tube: Made in Anticorodal 6060 cold formed (not pressed) to maintain the best possible molecular structure of the metal. This tube has a conical shape calculated to maintain the best ratio of compression and has a diameter starting from 40mm in the back and ending to 28mm in the front. This allow also an exceptional maneuvrability in the water. Balancing: each speargun is balanced in the water with it's own spear (a Tahitian spear) to get the best precision performances in all length and situations. Barrel: The barrel is 12mm internal and reduced to 16mm externally. The stability also unde heavy loads is guaranteed by an internal centering support CNC made and placed between the barrel and the external tube. Piston: Made from a full rod (not molded) it is calibrated for each barrel with a tolerance of 1/100 of mm and made with a self-lubricating surface that, together with the single gasket, guarantee the highest speed and fluidity in the shot. Inner head: made also in CNC is extremely light and include the line supports and is ready for the fluorescent beads that help aiming in fast shooting situations. Vacuum head: Even if it is made from a full aluminium block in CNC this part is only 20g in weight! A real record!! This head does not work as the traditional vacuum heads available on the market but it work with a special line-slider that is used as primary seal and that is set into the secondary seal of the head: the result is an extremely robust system, very resilient and that allow to replace the thickness of the spear without the need of tools or to open the head itself. The Manilú Revolution comes in 5 measures: In Stock 82 cm, 92 cm and on order 102 cm, 112 cm, 117 cm All internal gaskets and materials are selected to fit the range of temperatures of the northern seas of Denmark, Finland and Norway. Presentation video Balancing test IN FISHING SETUP (with reel + tahitian spear + Camera holder)  

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