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ROISUB - Pathos Laser Carbon Demo2K

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ROISUB - Pathos Laser Carbon Demo2K

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3.964,80 kr


Speargun Pathos Laser Carbon 75 rigged as Demo2 This is the speargun for those who will not no compromise, worthy of a revolutionary new propulsion system: the "demultiplied".  This speargun is the result of a long process of optimization, balance, materials research and extensive ballistic testing.  Each piece is hand made and hand finished to ensure the highest quality.  One of the highlights of this speargun is definitely the SharkSystem, a special loading system for the rubbers, extremely simple and functional.  The innovative system allow to load a pair of pretensioned rubbers with a pulley system, this system return a higher quantity of energy for all teh length of the barrel and with a much softer start that reduce spinning of the spear with consequent losses of energy and accuracy.

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Manufacturer ROISUB

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