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Carbonio GFT Agguato - Kraken edition

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Carbonio GFT Agguato - Kraken edition

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Pris: 2.140,63 kr

Special Price 1.998,80 kr


The fin blade Agguato "Kraken" is designed with a perfect parabolic curve necessary to achieve the maximum performance in medium-depth waters and in conditions of strong current.


The blades are mounted on the Pathos footpockets, necessary to achieve the maximum performances from carbon fins.

It is the perfect all-round fin for the "ambush" technique ("Agguato" in Italian means ambush) where you need a fin extremely silent and reactive, able to give you a good trust even with minimum movements of the legs.

The blade is 80x19cm and have full-length rubber rails to channel all the displaced water into jet out of the tip, bothi during the stroke and back-stroke

This fin is made in two hardness: Soft and Medium. It is difficult to judge which hardness to chose because the many parameters like weight of the spearo, level of fittness in the legs, distance to swim, depth and so on... as a "rule of thumb" you can consider: 
- Soft for spearos below 80-85 Kg
- Medium for spearos above 80-85 Kg
For more information and assistance contact Lamberto at the shop in KBH Ø

The "Kraken" model differ from the standard for the curve under strain and elasticity in colder waters in order to fit 100% the conditions met by spearfishers in Scandinavia.

The layers of the forward part of the blades have been cutted with a V shape that enhance the "wiplash" effect of the tip: this allow a more quick response even with short strokes as you can get in shallow water but still able to involve all the blade in case of deeper dives.

The angle of the blade is 24 degree and it can be assembled on Pathos Fireblade footpockets to be able to enjoy at best the power offered by the fins.

Camouflage: it is possible to order from Italy custom blades with various camo patterns manually applied before lamination of the resin: call us to confirm delivery time.

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Manufacturer RAGNAROK SUB

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