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ROISUB present the new fins blades Kormoran 754 loaders that represent the “state of the art” to the current development of fins, a generational leap that will become a point of no return, as was the case with our Fusion and Fusion-Demo for spearguns.The real novelty is not the use of the cycling shoe but concerns the position of engagement that approaches the beginning of the blade to the ankle and moves the start of the foot/blade work at the metatarsus.The Kormoran 754 blades plug directly on cycling shoes becoming one integral part of it. Cycling shoes are specially designed to optimally transmit the thrust force and that, thanks to the various adjustments, allow an unparalleled comfort and a control capacity without comparisons with respect to any inner boot as used today in diving sports.The blades (considering them comprehensive for the coupling device) provide a left and a right since the position of the ports is designed to be able to work on the foot in the correct manner.The blades can be easily assemble and disassemble with the aid of a Phillips screwdriver, it is a link with 3 screws and then, on the same shoes, you can easily mount the blade best suited to you. The operation can be easily performed at any time (also on the boat) and is also a valid solution for the transport.You can buy road cycling shoes with standard connection (lock system) at any specializes store in your hometown or online. Our advice is to try them on and choose the ones that fit you better. If you choose to use neoprene socks then simply remove the inner sole present in the shoes.The shoe is the means to transmit power but the blade is the tool that will allow you to move around in the water and this should be done in an effective way with the least expenditure of energy and maximum performance.Therefore, our blades are designed and realized with the collaboration of engineers and researchers experts in composite materials, resins and other hi-tech materials.The blades are made from 100% high quality prepreg carbon, differentiated by form and strength: the internal stratification was achieved by creating different areas of reactivity on both axes allowing a gradual bending radius and an effective return which allow the extreme performance .The side members present on commercial blades, even the most subtle, remain an unnecessary brake to the bending of the blades and is of no use for the action of thrust.We do not use rubber stringers but only channelers in soft silicone: the bending of our blades immediately starts at the metatarsus (no fin currently begins its bending at this point) and they work in a complete manner for their entire length.Important on any blade is the choice of ducting.We use only channelers on the end portion of the blade to reduce the amount of water that collects and forces the blade to increase the surface area by increasing the width.Our channelers in silicone, very soft and working on the whole length of the blades, allow to maximize the water collected to obtain a large thrust increase.The work of the blades is directly related to water that can be moved to push forward our body.The channelers collect this water to push it in the opposite direction to the direction in which it moves the swimmer.The greater the amount of water collected and the force with which you push the more we will advance rapidly: it is therefore important to collect more water, push it firmly and, above all push in the right direction.Technical features:-Maximum width: 18 cm-Useful working length: 75cm-Material: 100% prepreg carbon, of diversified form and strength-Force: progressive both in the vertical plane and in the horizontal plane (our technical inner layers with petal arrangement)-Hardness: +1 +2 +3 (soft / medium / hard). By varying the reactivity also changes the design of the blade, the curve describes a different shape for each model.-Asymmetry: The SHENROI 2.5° blades are designed to work with a slight asymmetry to the outside (visible after installation) - By mounting the Shimano shoes will not be present this asymmetry. The SHENROI 0° blades are designed to work without any asymmetry with respect to the 3 holes of the lock system and are not compatible with Shimano shoes.-Channellers: soft silicone with differentiated profile for the upper and lower part of the blade-Trapezoidal plate: made cnc machining, is an integral part of the blade to which it is firmly glued-Shenroi plate: polymer-made using cnc machining in order to be fixed on the shoes by using 3 steel screws M5 (Phillips head)-COMPATIBILITY: road cycling shoes with standard attachment system (lock system)-Warranty terms: 2 years

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