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Saragos Open PATHOS

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Saragos Open PATHOS

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1.001,25 kr


The Saragos Speargun is one of the latest releases from Pathos - D'Angelo II Handle, 28.5mm aluminum barrel with a full rail, Pathos sleek open muzzle, strong 17.5mm single rubber with steel wishbone and 6.25mm notched spear. A small speargun, but definitely not a toy! Pathos handles are extremely comfortable and the D'Angelo II is their top of the orange handle. With universal grip and precise handle angle for maximum comfort, aim, and accuracy. Wide handle width at the base gives incredible maneuverability compared to parallel sided grips. Features a complete polished stainless mechanism, trigger, and line release. The reverse mechanism for increased load length for barrel size. Loading butt is removable if desired. The super quick 6.25mm Sandvik stainless steel spear, with a rest tab and two loaders, making loading a breeze. Supreme quality 17.5mm single rubber comes with hardened steel wishbone.The open muzzle can take twin rubbers, so could be used with double rubbers and a heavier shaft, if desired. The sturdy aluminum barrel has an OD of 28.5mm and ID of 26mm and full rail built in. The full rail provides increased strength and rigidity to the barrel and allows a smooth directional track for easy reloading. Comes with a reel mount base fitted, with line-guide tabs on each side to keep shooting lines down from loading points. Also has a stainless steel reel line guide at the muzzle base, which doubles as an anchor point for a muzzle bungee. The 28.5mm barrel and shorter length give excellent maneuverability, making this the speargun of choice for low visibility, cave, and rock diving or competitions.

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Manufacturer PATHOS

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