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Alu Harpuner

Alu Harpuner

Aluminium spearguns from Pathos... Robust, reliable and inexpensive.If you are starting spearfishing and you don't want to commit a big budget then the Alma model is probably the best you ca get: spear and rubbers are the same used in the more expensive models and the handle is the famous "D'Angelo 1" that has made history in the world of Spearfishing.Laser: the "state of the art" of all spearguns... the most copied but still unsurpassed in quality of the shot and durability. A speargun that is absolutely NOT nose-heavy and therefore the most suitable for shallow water spearfishing as we do in Denmark.If you are starting now in our wonderful sport then check more on this short videoYou want to rehaul your speargun or get it ready for the new season? Click the link under here to access our...ONLINE CALCULATOR FOR RUBBER BANDS 

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  1. Pathos Alma Open

    Pathos Alma Open

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  2. Pathos LASER - Open Pro

    Pathos LASER - Open Pro

    Pathos LASER - Open Pro Vis detaljer
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  3. Pathos LASER - Open

    Pathos LASER - Open

    Pathos LASER - Open Vis detaljer
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  4. Sniper PATHOS

    Sniper PATHOS

    Sniper PATHOS Vis detaljer

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